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  • PR 116 Control unit

    HYDRAULics & mining Technology

    The PRA_matic® Type PR116/S/H/08/CN is an intrinsically-safe, CE-certified and high-performance electronic unit for the electro-hydraulic control of roof support systems. The roof support structure is controlled in such a way that a maximum of 24 functions, depending on the sensors fitted, can be automatically executed.

    The PR116/S/H/08/CN consists of a stainless steel housing with a screw-fastened rear panel. This contains 14 connector points for sensors and solenoid valves. Emergency stop, isolator switch, jumbo LED, keyboard, display and IR receiver are clearly arranged on the front and easy to operate. For all control tasks specific to longwall mining (plough and shearer operation), appropriate and customizable software modules are available. The software is uploaded across the longwall in less than 4 seconds (e.g. for software maintenance).
    The control unit can optionally also be controlled via an external infrared remote control.


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PR 116 Control unit

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