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  • Electro-hydraulic pilot control

    Electro-hydraulic pilot controlHydraulics & Mining technology

    The electro-hydraulic pilot control is used to control the hydraulic cylinders in the roof support featuring electronic control units.

    This e-pilot control system consists of a main control block with 3/2-way main valves plus electro-magnetic pilot valves for controlling individual functions. E-control systems can actuate between 2 and 22 functions.


Pilot control

Electro-hydraulic pilot control

Solenoid valves

Pilot valves

Double NRV

Line NRV



Shut-off valve

Pressure-limiting valve

Rock-burst valves

Standard filter

Filter station

Double back-flush filter

Automatic double back-flush filter


Water-spray valve

Bottom valve

Pressure indicator

PR 116 Control unit

PR 116 active server

PR 324 control unit

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Inclination sensor

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